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She Is Always With Me

By Bud Lemire

Wherever I go, she is walking next to me
She sees everything, that I see
When I am taking pictures, everywhere
She is with me, and I'm well aware

When I'm in bed fading into sleep, I feel her warm embrace
Her love from Spirit is strong, though I can't see her face
When I am eating supper, and I'm all alone
I feel her presence, up and down my backbone

When I feel her presence, I smile, because
Of the love we still share, and of all that was
Her presence here, she guides me from the Light
It helps in all my decisions, makes everything right

For those who don't believe in the afterlife, and everyone is just dead
How would she know what I am doing, or everything that was said
She is here, and watches over all I do
Your loved ones, are there with you

They want you to know, the love you share, never dies
And that grieving is natural in any loss, everyone cries
If you feel their presence, it's really true
They are standing, right next to you
I know wherever I go, Vicki is there with me
As I take the pictures, she sees everything I see

©Mar 4, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Death is not the end. The souls we carry inside
our bodies, go on in the Spirit world. They can
do even more there, without limitations that our
bodies had. I believe they do their best to guide
us, but not being able to hear or sense them, many
of us feel lost and alone. I can feel Vicki, and have
for many years. So I know, Love never dies. I know
when my time is here, I shall be with her again, soul
to soul, in the Spiritual sense. That helps me to know
this. Do I have any doubts, No! I know! .

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