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Little Ole Listmaker, Me

By Mary E. Adair

(Published first in HOBBIE$, Etc., circa 1995 - 1997)

Now all that's left is a list of lists
for I've written each thing down in place.
A list for absolute musts to do,
and one for items to buy for my face.

One for the things that are stored in the shop;
and one for the things that I need when I knit;
There's one for the plants that I'd sure like to grow;
and of course, all the grocery ones I start when I sit;

The list of the things that I still need to box,
and the one for the summer things I need to unpack;
The list for the tools that go in the shop,
and the one for the house, and the one for 'out back'

The list of the clothes that I'll make for grandkids,
and the list of repairs I should do;
Then the list of the calls I really "must make;"
and of course, there's a list for you.

The things that I swear I'll keep in my purse,
and the one for the things I'll take out;
And a list for the people I simply should see
whenever I'm out and about.

The list of the items I need in the car,
and the software I really must buy;
And the books that I need to carry to School,
and of the recipes I'm going to try --

The maintenance tips for the House and Yard
are listed so I'll know where to look --
And I'm thinking I need a list of "Where Stored"
for the pans I'll sure need when I cook;

And Special lists for Gifts for Loved Ones --
The Crochet and Knit Books need listing it's true;
There's a list of ingredients for Easter Hot Cross Buns,
but I think that'll wait 'til I've nothing to do --

The list of members, how it changes each day,
as some drop in, or out, all the time;
And the receipts surely needed for the Audit foray,
are listed all in order (not especially mine.)

The lists of submissions sent with hope on their way
to publishers' mailrooms (where they must decay;)
The lists of publishers, too, with checkmarks to say,
the ones who don't, and the ones who do pay;

I've probably skipped a list that I should have here,
So perhaps I should wait 'til the lists are all done,
(Note: list places for lists that always disappear)
before I start compiling that super, Master one.  

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