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The Veil Is Fading

By Bud Lemire

They say the veil is fading, more people are passing through
It seems to be happening more, so I believe it to be true
They are crossing over, into the spiritual place
Leaving behind on Earth, all the problems they had to face

You see, their journey here, was experience for the soul
Down the path and through the veil, they now have another role
To help and guide the ones still here, to meet their journey's end
They stand behind us and guide us, with the love they send

Your belief might be, “They are gone and dead”
While they stand beside you, and hear every word you said
Many times I wished I could hear them, there are some who do
They pass on messages to me, and they are all true

In dreams they come to you, so that you'll know
Their journey is in spirit, and they are more whole
They're by your side, guiding you every day
The love you share, will never fade away

Think positive, and know they're surrounded by the light
They're a friendly spirit, that touches you in the night
The veil is fading, so many are taken home
But that's not the only place, that they seem to roam

©Feb 7, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

The veil is fading and growing thinner. I find lately, more people
are crossing through that veil to the “other side.” Heaven! Over
there it is so much better than the life they had here. Everything
there is enhanced and so beautiful beyond description. Everything
is magnified as well. I have never visited there while in this lifetime.
Those who have, say they never want to leave. I look forward to seeing
all my family and friends when I arrive there. I know Vicki will be
waiting for me there too. She's waiting to give me a big hug, and I am
so looking forward to that. But for now, let me enjoy my time here.

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