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By Bud Lemire

We were both training, to be a volunteer
Your laughter, was always good to hear
You like Angels, and that was great to know
As the time went by, our friendship sure did grow

You kept having health problems, I was worried about that
I always looked forward, to the times when we would chat
As everyone got to know you, they came to like you too
Time sure passed quickly, the years, they really flew

You moved in to a home, with a volunteer named Joe
It didn't work out, but you stayed as friends though
The spirits are watching over you, as you journey time and space
As you struggle daily for comfort, among the human race

Keep on doing your best, friends you will easily find
They're always around, and they will always treat you kind
Take pleasure in each moment, when there isn't pain
Search within your soul, when you feel the drain

I know what you are going through, I honor you with this poem
Since you are now living, in the same place we call home
The Angels you believe in, are not far from your side
You can call on them and spirits, they will be your guide

©May 21, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Leonora, I know what you are going through. You have made many
friends, and they, and I, are always around if you need someone to chat
with. That's one good thing about living at the Harbor Tower, you can
always find friends around here. I wanted to surprise you with this
poem for you, because you've been such a great friend.
Thank you for your friendship.

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