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Every Place

By Bud Lemire

Every Place I've been to, becomes a part of me
Everywhere I traveled to, all that I could see
I haven't traveled very far often, other times I did
As an adult at times, other times as a kid

The memories, play a tune on my heart
All of these places, play a special part
I never considered myself, a traveler like some people do
I'm just happy there are places, that I can say that I knew

Places in the U. P., Oh Upper Peninsula of Michigan I love you so
Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California, I was so happy to go
The beauty found everywhere, opened my eyes real wide
Touched me so much deeper in many ways, on the inside

These days, I'm not much for traveling, at least not that far
I'll never take a plane, I prefer a bus, train, or a car
On the internet, I travel places worldwide
In photos that are shared, it's such a quick ride

I haven't been to Every Place, yet I'm glad to say
I'm so happy, I had a chance to get away
I do know, on a nice day you won't find me home
You'll find me on Aronson Island, where I like to roam

©Jun 27, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I never traveled as much as some people, but I had fun
exploring the places I did get to see. When I had a camera
I took many pictures.

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