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Being Deaf

By Bud Lemire

Being deaf in this world, is no easy thing
Loneliness and frustration, are what it will bring
So many people don't understand, what it's like not to hear
They don't even try, so that all will become clear

I can read lips, when they form their words just right
When they are facing me, and they are in full sight
Yet many are rude, and will turn away and talk
When they do this, I just turn away and walk

I ask, if they'll repeat what they just said
The look on their face, then they shake their head
Is that so hard to do, when you're talking to me?
I can't hear the words, and I won't let it be

They think I am faking it, what will it take
So they'll understand, and they'll be awake
As I often said, they'll be stupid until they want to learn
You'll find these people, everywhere that you turn

They laugh at me, oh sure it's a joke
Because I don't know, the words that you spoke
We aren't going to take crap, from people like you
We'd have better luck talking, with animals in a zoo
Compassion and understanding are what is needed to know
Stupidity and rudeness, won't help you to grow

©Jul 15, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

When you mock someone who is deaf, you are being so
very rude and that is not right for any human to do to
another. To get upset because you have to repeat words
for them, is not right at all. Think of what they have to go
through. No sound at all, no music, no birds singing, no
cars honking, etc. And you think it is such an issue to
repeat a few words to a deaf person. You need compassion
and understanding, and know what their world is like without
sound in it. Maybe we need to put you in a soundproof room
for a week and see how you like it.

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