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Every Sound Has Meaning

By Bud Lemire

Every sound has meaning, every sound you hear
It could be a ringing of a bell, that comes to your ear
Water against the shore, the cry of the seagull in the sky
Birds singing in the trees, that are hidden from your eye

The music, how I loved the music I use to listen to
I played them day and night, they always helped me through
They play in my mind now, but it's not the same
I forget some I use to listen to, even forgot their name

Little sounds that so many take for granted, mean a lot
I was sure I'd be listening to them forever, or so I thought
Your voice, Oh God, I wish I could hear it once more
Or even my own footsteps, walking across the floor

If the smoke alarm goes off, I won't hear it go
Unless it lights up, It will be the only way I will know
For us who are totally deaf, we need light to replace sound
So in case of an emergency, we can make it to safer ground

For us with better vision, we can always see
Not all of us can see clearly, that's how it is with me
In memories, I hold the sounds so very dear
Because every sound has meaning, every sound you hear

©Jul 27, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Don't take for granted the sounds you hear daily. For one
day they may be taken away. I hope not for your sake. But
for me, I have to deal with a very quiet world. I never took
the sounds for granted. I listened to music every day and night.
I heard the birds singing and looked forward every day to hear
them sing. Take in every sound, enjoy even the ones you don't.
Because once it's gone, you may never hear them again.

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