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They All Come Along

By Bud Lemire

Your family and friends who have passed, are by your side every day
They all come along with you, when you go away
Their souls smile, when it's life you enjoy
For it reminds them of, the little girl and little boy

They come along, so they can be a part
Touching your soul, touching your heart
Even at home, they're watching over you
They enjoy the company, of all that you do

When you go to bed, and go to sleep
It's you that is, the company they keep
Many times in dreams, they will be there
If you remember them, you'll be aware

Sometimes you'll wake up, and remember the dream
And think to yourself, how real it may seem
It was real, it was them, and they came to say
Our love never dies, with you it will always stay

They're not interested, in the private things you do
Many are mostly interested, in the spiritual side of you
Unless you're a soul mate, or a twin flame
In that case, the sensual side, will be their aim

You can go to the Cemetery, but only their body is there
Their new form is a spirit, and their soul goes everywhere
Their body has since decayed, it will lie there and stay
But their spirits are always with you, when you go away

©Aug 2, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

It's true! The love you share with your loved ones who
have passed are always connected to you, even from
the Spirit World. You may not see them, or hear them
and may not know they are around, yet they are. They
try their best to get messages to you and let you know.
But many times, you just aren't paying attention.

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