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By Mary E. Adair


And a little thought rebounds inside one's mind...already? How can it be November so soon? But it must be...turkeys are arrayed at the grocers, their frozen selves, at least. And Thanksgiving is a holiday that is well celebrated in your editor's family, especially since Leo C. Helmer is the one doing the cooking. However, his recipe for the month is not one for bird and dressing but for "Barbequed Pork Sandwiches," so check out Cookin' with Leo for the details.

Some of the other columnists are thinking of food, too, like LC Van Savage (Consider This) who discusses "Eating Cousins" while Dr. Sam Vaknin (Taming the Beast) displays an appetite for art debating in "Dreams of Reality - The View, and the Point of View." Gerard Meister (Thinking Out Loud) starts his "The Best of Times" by mentioning his birthday cake candles. Though not quite an incident of 'eating crow,' still Robert Beaty aka pbobby (Provocations) tells of his father at age eleven, swallowing his pride to return home following a running-away episode to 'teach his parents' a lesson; other lessons, for all of us, follow in "The Insane Heart." Cassandra also concerns herself with what will be fed to the least of her neighbors in her Cassandra's World. However, Darren Bardsley (Ever Increasing Circles) in his "Too late to take it all back" reflects on the famine of intolerance.

Mike Craner, always puts his focus on feeding our minds by getting this ezine formatted and built onto the Pencil Stubs domain. Sometimes, he gets a column of his own done by squeezing the time for writing it, edgewise into the rest of his busy days and nights, for he is on 24/7 call in the world of Communications. His columns (unfortunately, not this month) are definitely a bonus to be appreciated!

New to our pages, Judy Issette, speaks about her anguish in "My Daddy." Three of our poets, still dwelling in the throes of emotions that welled up September 11, and since, have recorded some of those feelings and insights for us. Bruce Clifford, "Heaven Help Us," Shell Heller, "Solitaire," and Phillip Hennesy with both "Enough" and "Life Don't Change," express thoughts we may have had recently, ourselves.

"No Secret" and "Please Don't" also by Hennesy, aver love, as does "I Knew You When" and "Meesah Love You," by Debi Craner. A different need, related ironically by a new writer to this ezine, Shara Elisa Ann Anderson, is titled "Validation for the Use of Drugs." Publishing it here, as with anything else we publish, does not mean we endorse the author's comments; though in this case, the editor took the poem as being on the sarcastic side. Dealing in a lighter form of sarcasm, and revealing a personal vehicle of procrastination, your editor decided to include "Little Ole Listmaker, Me." Ms Heller's second poem this issue, "Exhaustion" also seems more on the light side.

"Capricorn Cove," is a breezy romantic story that is supposed to be continued in the near future by new writer Abby Tyler Stone. "Target: Raccoon" entertains us with reminiscing by Cayce B. Shelton.

We proudly feature an article this month, "The Kosher Kidnapping" researched and written by our regular columnist, Gerard Meister. The article contains excerpts from an eight page one recently published in the Texas Jewish Historical Society Newsletter about Sam Dreben, "The Fighting Jew." There are two photographs included (circa 1919), that warrant viewing as well.

As you browse the magazine, don't forget to read the serialized stories section where Rebecca Morris continues her tales about the "Adventures of Ollie-Dare," the wise old bear whose knowledgable lessons are not only for children. Although the other two serials have nothing new added this month, now would be a good time to read through them. Perhaps, you will make suggestions via the Wall, to get the other writers to turn their minds to what you think would make a good subject. The columns have feedback sections at the bottom of their pages, as does the article and Shelton's story.

Soon it will be December and we will be mentioning what that issue is all about. Will your poem or story be included? There is a submission area on the sidebar which takes only a few moments of your time. We would like some focus on Christmas and the coming year for the December content. Think about it. It can be nice to see your name on a byline.

Remember your blessings, and be thankful!  

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