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The U. P. State Fair 2023

By Bud Lemire

I was once again at U. P, State Fair this year
Night Ranger, Switchfoot, Jackson Dean, all played here
Ashley McBryde too, they had sung and played
On the Midway was freshly squeezed lemonade

The Strolling Piano, played and sang music everyone knew
The Pork Chop Revue had tricks, that the pigs knew how to do
The Doves were released, each day at three
Everyone loved it, when the doves were set free

I rode my bike there, every day
I enjoyed Fair Week, in every way
Norm's Fries, were so good to eat
A slice of Papa Murphy's pizza, was a treat

In all my years at the Fair, I've never tried
A Corn Dog before, but it sure felt good inside
I went through the barns, taking pictures along the way
I saw so many people, those I don't see every day

The Ferris Wheel, was changing colors in the night
Every ride was lit up, with some kind of colored light
Some of the rides, went so very high
You'd think, they touched the clouds in the sky

The Antique Village, and the Pocket park
Were booming with people, until it got dark
The Ruth Butler Building, had people selling things
The Petting Zoo was fun, but had no animals with wings

Some kids posed, with an alligator or a snake
Really? No kidding, give me a break
All in all, there were many people, it was a great time
I take it this year, with so many going, it was a good sign

©Aug 23, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

2023 was a truly wonderful year at the U. P. State Fair

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