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Halloween 2023

By Bud Lemire

Tess was busy, placing the R. I. P. casket in the activity room
When beyond her notice, in came flying a witch on a broom
Now she knew, she didn't have a witch that looked like that
The ugly face didn't look familiar, but she recognized the hat
A voice boomed out, from the witch flying in the air
“I've come to tell you people, you must beware”
“This year Halloween, will be stranger than the rest”
“You must be prepared, and do your very best”

Tess really didn't know, what the witch was talking about
The witch figured that, and so she started to shout
A black cat, was walking on the ceiling above her head
The witch said “you'll have a visit from the dead”
It happened so fast, they were phantoms of the past
Residents who had lived here, were gathered here at last
“We've come to join the party, we missed not being around”
Then all at once, came this loud swishing sound

A great pumpkin, wearing a terrifying smiley face
Came flying into the room, taking up a lot of space
Smoke that stunk was coming from it, too much to even see
The witch handed Tess a wand, “Use this to set yourself free”
Tess never used a wand, so she just waved it around
The giant pumpkin crashed, and made a horrible sound
The wand disappeared, and she looked around the room
There next to the skeleton, was that witches broom

©October 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Tess wondered if she imagined it. Maybe she was working
too hard. Then out of the corner of her eye, she thought
she saw one of the skeletons move. It actually waved at
her. She smiled and thought, “no, I just set them up like

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