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When I'm Gone

By Bud Lemire

When I'm gone, you'll miss me
I won't miss you, because with you, I'll be
You may look around, but you won't see
If you search deeper, within is the key

When we've spent a lifetime together
The souls stay close, to what they treasure
In spirit, I'll come around
But, I won't be Earth bound

I am free of my body, and all pains
I fly quite nicely, as my soul remains
It goes on to learn, and experience more
I don't just fly, I grow, and then I soar

There is much more to it, you'll find out
When you pass away, what it's all about
For now, just know I never left your side
My body couldn't go on, it was what died

I see so much more, from where I am
It is like having, a thorough exam
Just know how much I love you, I'm doing great
We'll be reunited again when you pass, but I can wait

©Dec 17, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Just remember those who have been close to you in life,
are still around you from the afterlife. Even though you
can't see them, and it is not like before, they are there.
Their love for you goes on. They're always trying to
get you to know they are there, but we are not always
in tune enough to see or hear or smell them. Their
love never dies.

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