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In The New Year

By Bud Lemire

What do you expect, in the New Year
More of the things, that you hold dear
Everything, that you love to do
All things, that mean the most to you

Good health, and well being every day
Wishing good weather, will always stay
Spending time, with family and friends
Hoping the good times, never ends

Maybe a trip somewhere, for a weekend of fun
On a beach anywhere, to soak up the sun
Maybe a place, where you've never been to
A New experience, that'll be great for you

Maybe some events, in the place where you dwell
So many things happening, you never can tell
Life will be great, everything will be fine
A visit with family and friends, is a good sign

Everything you do, is a good healing
As long as it leaves you, with a good feeling
If you love to do it, do it for sure
What's good for you, is the best cure

©Dec 14, 2023 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

A new year will start, so do your part
Enjoy it to the fullest. Have fun, do what
you love to do. Be with who you love
being with. Make the most out of the year.

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