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By Bud Lemire

He always smiled, in a certain kind of way
As if he was searching, for something to say
Words could not come out, the way he wanted them to
Yet this wonderful man, did the best that he could do

I recall upon arrival one day, I asked him what was wrong
He thought awhile, and then the words came along
He looked at me, and said “I can not think”
I explained to him, not all was in sync

Even though, he could not think like before
He was a man, anyone could easily adore
I came to love, this very special man
Somehow I understood, as only I can

He was smart, this I did know
Just needed time, then it would show
He knew words, and numbers too
Yet his mind had trouble, getting things through

When this happens, to someone you know
You have to care enough, for your love to show
With anyone you know, you will find
They just need a certain key, to unlock their mind
That key, he found, when he passed away
He can think much better, he's going to be more than okay

©Jan 23, 2024 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

When anyone has dementia, they're not the same as before. Yet,
many times, a spark of their personality will shine through.
Even with dementia, Walter was a wonderful man that I was
honored to know and share time with. Thank you Walter!
As a Senior Companion, you meet many wonderful people.
This was one of the many that I meet as a volunteer.

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