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By Bud Lemire

What's in the meaning of a number?
For some, it makes you wonder
People tend to think a number, is very good luck
They'll play the lottery, to try to win a buck

Spiritual people think some numbers, are Angels that are near
While some numbers, have meanings that are unclear
Maybe it's for a very special day
To be remembered, in a certain way

A Birthday, A Marriage, or a day when someone died
A day to be remembered, a day where you had cried
Maybe someone, had a bad yea
r On this day, it had brought a tear

Nineteen Fifty, might be pretty nice
It's really not a bad score, when rolling the dice
Unless you're superstitious, and then it could just be
That Nineteen Fifty, is your greatest enemy

For me, it doesn't mean a thing
I'll roll the dice, and take what it will bring
What will be, is what it will be
When rolling dice, I have no enemy

I play to have fun, a great night with friends
A night of enjoyment, when the day ends
If my score is Nineteen Fifty, it won't worry me
Playing the game, is using a better strategy

If it comes up, and that is the score
I treat it like any other, I just ignore
If you rolled again, that loss was your chance
To keep what you had, or to do the losers dance

©Jan 10, 2024 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

1950 doesn't have any curse to it. It is just a number.
It is not out to make you lose. You are above the number,
and can control it.

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