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Like The Wind And The Sun

By Bud Lemire

She's like the wind and the sun
She's everywhere, and shines on everyone
Even though she passed away
Her spirit is with me everyday

Many of us, don't have the gift
To see or hear spirit, to give us a lift
Believe me, they want you to know
Exactly what happened, to their soul

They can be many places, like the wind and the sun
Their spirit is energy, when their human life is done
All of her family and friends, that she left here
Need to know and understand, she is always near

She checks up on all, the loved ones she left behind
When came out of her body, from the world of mankind
The deep connection you had, while she was here
Will continue forever, let me make this clear

Forever, infinity, everlasting it will be
Our love together, is the Universal Key
When you leave this world, your journey isn't done
You will be like the wind, and like the sun

©Feb 20, 2024 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

We become energy after we pass, and like the wind
and the sun, can be in more than one place at one
time. I know, it's hard to think that something like
that can really be true. Those who have touched
the Spirit World, know this. But for us, it is hard
to grasp until we experience it ourselves. Once we
do, it will be so amazing.
Note: I wrote this about Vicki, and to let you know
that your loved ones' lives go on in spirit, and are
always near you, sharing their love still.

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