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Pay It Forward

By Bud Lemire

Pay It Forward, do a good deed
There might be someone, who is in need
They might not be able to afford food, in the marketplace line
The kindness that you give them, now would be the perfect time

They might feel embarrassed, you tell them to Pay It Forward too
Then sometime in their future, that is what they will do
Let me buy you a coffee, and a breakfast for you
It just feels so good, it's the right thing to do

A homeless person in a box on the street
Give her your jacket, and some socks for her feet
That guy's tire, has gotten pretty low
I'll use my pump, air his tires for this Joe

The little things we do, will help those who are in need
Which is just what was needed, you planted a seed
From what you started, they'll pay it forward too
The seed will grow, and the deed will renew

©JMar 15, 2024 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Many times it's the little things we make an effort
to do, turn out to be the big things for someone else.
So remember to pay it forward, do a good deed.
Just think how wonderful you feel after doing it.

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