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My Truth

By Bud Lemire

My truth is believing, what I'm knowing
I can feel the things, that aren't showing
Sometimes I can even hear
When the spirits whisper in my ear

I believe the messages that are sent to my friend
Given to me, by the lives that never end
The human life ends, but the spirit never does
It becomes what is, instead of what was

What it is, is so very amazing if you knew
The continuing soul journey, would surprise you
They carry on in spirit, without the bod
It is so natural, to you it may seem odd

It's where you were, before you came here
From one world to another, you disappear
Crossing over is so easy to do
It won't be hard when it happens to you

People can hear them, if they're in tune with it all
It takes a certain mind frequency, then you'll hear the call
Just know this, they don't have any pain anymore
They left it behind, when they went through that door

JFeb 14, 2024 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

True! I don't have to believe anymore, because I know.
How do I know? It's a hearing, a feeling, a knowing.
If I hear them, it is not my imagination. When I feel
them, it is not my imagination. I know! When they
come in my dreams and I wake up still feeling their
touch, I know.

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