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Lost Family Found

By Bud Lemire

There was a time long ago, in the history of our families
Pregnant daughters, found themselves begging on their knees
To keep their babies, but their parents were too strict
Authority won over, and young Mothers were heartsick

The heartbreak of giving up, a special part of you
Yet there was nothing else, that they could do
Years went by, and that baby was still on their mind
Always wondering, if reunited, what is it they would find

Some took up the search, yet they didn't find a clue
Having nowhere else to turn, and nothing else to do
There are people, who research, and help you in this case
Help to locate lost family, then you can see their face

They can find their location, whether alive or dead
By collecting the data, and going where they're lead
Some results are successful, and there's some that can be a bit sad
It's so emotional to see reunions, with a child and their Mom and Dad

To me, these true stories, always touch my heart
It brings closure to each person, who had played their part
Years have passed, and they meet, they feel it's where they belong
A family reunion happens, and it's like happiness in a song

©Apr 12, , 2024 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I've been watching watching a series about people searching
for long lost family members. It really pulls on the heart. I
find the connection and longing between family members so
very strong. It's a Need to find a long lost family member to
find closure of the heart and soul. Sometimes it isn't always
a happy ending. Other times, they do find out what they need
to know. Sometimes it's more of a pleasant surprise. Family is
so important. It's who we belong with.

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