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Don't Hold A Grudge

By Bud Lemire

Don't hold a grudge, and not talk to me
We can work it out, I'm sure you'll agree
Nothing is so bad, where it'll tear us apart
I love you, and always have you in my heart

It was an accident, if you only knew
It could have happened, even to you
I wasn't thinking, I'm sorry sorry I did
Made you upset, and you blew your lid

We're both adults, so let's talk it out
Let's not leave, aside any doubt
You know I wouldn't hurt you, on any day
So don't go silent, don't stay away

Life is too short, with less time together
Our time. Should always be a pleasure
We're missing out on so much, of each other's life
This grudge you're holding, causes so much strife

Words can not say, how sorry I am
I wasn't thinking, but I do give a damn
So please call me, the sooner would be great
I prefer us to chat, please let's not wait

©Jan 31, 2024 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Accidents do happen, especially very easily
and very quickly. Nobody should be cut off
completely from a friend or relative, just
because something shouldn't have happened.
Hear them out, let it pass over and be gone
. Carry on, and remember, nobody is perfect.
Forgive and make up, and enjoy the time together.

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