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By Mary E. Adair

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So, the long spell of not writing for Pencil Stubs is explained. Amanda has been making changes in her life and has been very busy. She still loves doing the karaoke and continues to involve herself with that.

But, the new life of being bride is a busy one, and the time for picking up the column again is not quite ripe. However, for the reader's questions, yes, she has become a bride, and yes, she will share some pics of that occasion. The beloved groom is Steven Kurtz, and they reside in Ohio.

Top picture shows the happy couple stealing a kiss after their getaway from the ceremony and previous to the reception.
The bottom pic shows Amanda in her lovely gown with train.


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Reader Comments

Name: Ingiej Email: Unlisted
Comment: Hmm, mooi hoor!:O groeten uit nederland!:)



Name: rebecca Morris Email:
Comment: Beautiful !!! thanks for sharing it with us..and many many happy years to come....



Name: SHannon Email:
Comment: Isn't she beautiful? But then again, I was there. They are truly in love and extremely happy...Just like me....*G* Love you guys!



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