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Don't Be So Paranoid

By Bud Lemire

I'm not taking a picture of your house, why would you think that
There's a squirrel in a tree nearby, that's where I am aiming at
Why are people so paranoid, in this world today
You may understand just why, to me it's not okay

I took a picture of a sunset one night, and a woman that I knew
Was nearby where I was, she wrote me a nasty letter too
She wanted to see the pictures I took of her, she had some gall
I wrote her back saying, I don't have any of her at all

Someone taking pictures at a cemetery, was told to quit
By an observer who was watching, who didn't like it one bit
She said it was a private place, don't take a picture here
I think there are too many people, who are so insecure

One lady asked me, “Are you taking a picture of me?”
I replied, “How could I be, I was aiming at a butterfly, so free”
Everything that is done these days, is not pointed at you
Don't be so paranoid, this is something that I always do

I was stopped by security guards one time, they were told to check me out
It was reported that some weird guy was taking pictures, what was that all about
What's going on inside people's minds, I'd really like to know
No matter what, I'll keep taking pictures everywhere I go

©Feb 11, 2024 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

These are all true stories. I've been taking pictures for over 20 years.
I've come across many paranoid people, who think because I am
carrying a camera, they think I am taking a picture of them. In an
event like The U.P. State Fair, and Rock The Dock, etc., I am most
likely capturing people at the event they are attending. But mostly
I enjoy nature and scenery even more.

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