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A Time to Care

By Keith Vander Wees

The gentle flicker of my soul
belongs to you.
The one who
in the garden of my distress
planted the seed
of knowledge, helping me grow
and bend,
giving me the hope of another life.
You have set me
on the path to truth and justice.
You are my keeper, my thoughts,
my maker,
holding me in the bosom
of lovely cherished song and rhyme.
Singing to me of black pearls
floating down streams of kindness
made of liquid silver.
I bathe in the melody
dry myself with the words,
my lips parched in the
radiant light
but healed by the honesty of it all.
I would love to swim in the depths
of your thoughts
and learn whom you love.
Hold me in your lasting arms,
let us light
a star in heaven
for the love of mankind.
Make me a lover of all people,
showing me the way
to your divine heart and soul.
Let us bring forth the love
so badly needed in a desert of caring,
breathe your breath of wisdom
into the midst
of the

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