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Keith Vander Wees

Keith Vander Wees is a 42 year old spiritual seeker poet/artist .

His first love will always be music which he played in bands part time from 1970 to 76 and full time to 1988....but here is an update:

I try to approach my work as if I am seeing it through someone else's eyes. This helps me to be objective, and at the same time, critical, to be able to grow and improve.

Art and music for me are an outlet that helps me explain myself to myself and then to others through my work. Basically helping me get a better understanding of myself.

My various projects in Art, etc., may be seen on my page:


Type Month Year Title
Poem June 2000 Safe With You
Poem June 2000 A Time to Care
Poem April 2001 Innocent Ones
Poem April 2001 Melodies and Memories
Poem April 2001 Anticipation
Poem October 2001 If
Poem October 2001 The Hope
Poem February 2004 A Time To Care
Poem February 2004 I Wish I Knew A Word
Poem September 2019 Healing Words
Poem June 2020 To Me
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