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Tribute to Grandma Kendrick

By Mary E. Adair

It is not easy to write when feelings are fresh, and they do not stop being intense... they just are not felt as often. When I was 15, I wrote this after the loss of my paternal great grandmother who had lived a hard, but gentle life.

The years flow by so swiftly,
Listing our faults and tears
They are counted and filed completely
Signed with timeless tears
The records are here before you
On this wrinkled, gentle face
That shows the endless struggles
And the gentle, fearless grace.
Grace earned thru struggles of love
Battles of life and truth
Battles that have destroyed
Every last trace of youth.
The faith and merciful devotion,
The experience of the soul
Makes this mother older
With the years that time stole
And yet this lady knew joy
Full, boundless and deep
Her life was lived so sweetly.
Now she has fallen asleep.
She'll sleep 'til God awakens her
And calls her home to Him
Then her eyes will brighten and sparkle
And nevermore grow dim.

(February 6, 1951)

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