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By Mary E. Adair


The beginning of this month tells us that a sixth of 2002 has already gone into the history books. Hard to realize that Time is able to scoot through our lives so rapidly, but indeed it does.

Of course the shorter month just ended has made the deadlines for this issue zoom from the future to the due-date, and now totally past the March issue deadline. (We have set the deadline for the 20th of each month.) We regret that you didn't get your compositions in for this publication. However, never let it be said that this issue doesn't provide some fine reading with a baker's dozen of poems, three stories, our fine columns, and one article "Tow Away Lines" is in the humorous mode from a new author, Mattie Lennon, while the other by columnist LC Van Savage delves into reactions to the current news about pedophilia.

The story, "Inveda," is by a new author, Jona Beckem, and though presented here as a stand-alone, could be interestingly expanded into a serialized story. If we receive the following five chapters, and an overall outline of projected storyline, plus the concluding chapter, it will be moved into the serial section.

Happily, Lena Carroll, your editor's mother, shares two of her poems, "The Farmer and God" and "Love is God's Gift." We also welcome again Crystal Howard ("I Have Longed for The Snow") and Sam Massey, cowboy poet, ("Cornbread"). Another returning author, Susan Glover, brings us a portfolio of poems with "Ache," "And Then the Curtain Drops," "I Passed a Stranger," and "To One I Now Fear." Robert Beaty aka pbobby shares "Life's Rhapsody." The popular LSeeker has two poems ("A Silent Tear" and "Too Forgotten to Mend") while two new authors (Ila Morgan with "You'll Remain with Me" and Ronald Kevin Dean Jr with "What Must Now End") join our ranks. We surely hope that Dean's poem is not the last of what could be a promising career as a writer. We hope to hear other perspectives of living from him.

Although we are still accepting prospective columns from those who would like to present the "Teen Viewpoint" regularly for us, we are almost full strength with our columnists. We look forward to when Connie Anast will pick up the reins of "On the Other Hand" once more, and hope that Amanda (Speed) Kurtz will soon resume her writing to advise us in fine-tuning our surfing of the web. Meanwhile, pbobby with the column "Provocations;" Cassandra ("Casandra's World); Leo C. Helmer ("Cookin' with Leo"); Gerard Meister ("Thinking Out Loud"); Darren Bardsley ("Ever Increasing Circles"); Dr. Sam Vaknin ("Taming the Beast"); LC Van Savage ("Consider This"); and Michael Craner, our good webmaster, with his column, are holding our readers' interest, while building up their fan clubs.

Speaking of fans, however, we have to admit that the serialized stories of "The Adventures of Ollie-Dare" rate right up there with the others. The tales are not just for children, and beg to be read aloud to/with your youngsters, or those other youngsters of your family and friends. Rebecca Morris continues to entertain us all with Ollie-Dare's escapades and good deeds.

Around the 17th of March, we will be searching for the four-leaf clover, as we do a bit of traveling, but we will be here to bring April's issue to your attention. Now, enjoy this issue with its variety of topics and viewpoints. Remember, to get to the comment page set up September 11, 2001, you need only click the red, white, and blue ribbon that is at the end of the sidebar. It can be accessed from almost every page you are reading. If you have never read those thoughts, or added to them, you can still do so. Also, the Wall is for comments on poetry and other segments of the magazine that do not have a separate comment area at the bottom of the page, as do most of the columns. Authors feed upon comments, or their creative spirits do, so please do not withhold the fodder of inspiration. Who knows what an enduring epistle your comment might spark.

See You Next Month!  

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