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Wisdom's Growing Pains

By Mary E. Adair

(March 17, 2002)
Inspired by Bro. Huffty's Sermon

If we don't rise (like bread without leaven),
Standing still, on the pathway to Heaven,
We may feel peaceful, and think we are fine...
But, that's just Satan playing with our mind.

For growing in Wisdom often brings pain
As we seek His truth again and again,
And pray to Him that our steps not falter,
Our tears are tithes cast upon His altar.

If we seek His Holy words from His book,
It seems no matter how often we look,
Somehow new meaning shines forth from the page
This is always true, whatever our age.

For what we do need, not what we desire,
May be unspoken, by our lips that tire,
Jesus still helps, He always does care,
And when we call Him, He always is there.

When we want to grow in our tasks for Him,
Sometimes the pathway appears mighty dim,
Yet we must praise Him, wherever we stand,
To gain His blessings from His holy hand.

Our voices not just in Church should we raise,
But daily should seek Him and offer praise.
If we are to step upward on our way,
Kindness to others we'll gladly display.

We must not let Satan our hearts to bind,
If from some others, cold shoulders we find,
But should recognize all the many gains,
That bless those who seek Wisdom's "growing pains."  

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