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By Mary E. Adair


and if you're expecting showers, they started in late March in the southern states of the USA. Therefore, though a bit soggy around the seams, your editor will attempt to pique your interest in this month's features.

Happily, we have a great variety to offer the reader. Last month's article on pedophiles sparked another editorial...this one on "the Church," by Paul Leadem. "The Ides of March" by Robert Beaty, gives details of one his experiences during counselor training. A belated Happy Birthday, Bob! Another article is in a lighter vein, "Who Nose," by Irish writer Mattie Lennon, while Leo C. Helmer brings us the long awaited additional information about the greats and late greats in "More On Western Swing." Helmer who writes the "Cookin' with Leo"column, also editorializes ("Winning the War against Terrorists") about the 'state of the union' as the anti-terrorist war continues.

Another columnist, Dr. Sam Vaknin of Macedonia, continues the serious 'seminar' on "Surviving Narcissists - Part IV" in his Taming the Beast. Other columnists chose lighter commentary. Gerard Meister (Thinking Out Loud) sets our timing in the real world; and LC Van Savage (Consider This) voices a pretty general feminine concern; Scotland's son Darren Bardsley (Ever Increasing Circles) reminds us of life's rules; Mike Craner (Mike's Place) reminds us of important flag courtesy; and Cassandra (Cassandra's World) shares tidbits about April in her bubble.

We welcome three Texan poets to the e-zine. Henry L. Bunch and John I. Blair show their first Pencil Stubs compositions, and we hope to see more of their work here. Blair is the author of "Bullfrogs." Bunch shares two poems, "The Master Calleth" and "Twilight Time." Earl William Crowson ("God Shows Us His Way") returns for the first time since the PSO crash in the Fall of 1999, which carried some of his poetry down the drain with it.

Poets, whose work we have carried before, bringing their new poems to the April issue include Bruce Clifford, "The Things;" Rochelle Hope Mehr, "Foreboding;" Ronald Kevin Dean Jr, "Never Forget;" Judith C. Issette, "When;" plus your editor, with "Wisdom's Growing Pains."

M. Jay Mansfield, one of our regular authors, is featured with a portfolio of poetry: "No More Dreams," "One More Time," "The Whisperer's Yell," "Totally Uninspired," and "Wave." Mansfield, a brand new father, birthed most of these during the gestation period of his first child, Thomas Egan who arrived mid-March. Mom, Dad, and Son doing well, is the poet's report to your editor.

Rebecca Morris adds a chapter to "The Adventures of Ollie-Dare," in the Serialized Stories section. Both young and young-at-heart readers will enjoy this "Circus" story.

One more reminder: Michael Craner, webmaster, has set up the new department for Reader Recommendations on books they have enjoyed and think that you would too. This is easy to use, and is a nice way to interact with the other readers of PSO. Look it over, and suggest one of your favorite books.

See you in May!  

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Name: Melinda Cohenour Email:
Comment: The site looks great! What a fantastic idea to have a wealth of "ezine" history available with only a click of a mouse. How many times have I ransacked the house to find some article I'd read and wanted to share to no avail? Here, one can readily find the tidbit without much fuss. Love the idea of featuring's picks of the month. And, having readers make their own suggestions. Great new look, wonderful content and enticing biographies of the published writers. What better way to spend a rainy Sunday? M



Name: Rebecca morris Email: Unlisted
Comment: Just wanted to say " Thanks" for all the time you spend at pencil stubs...and with Ollie Dare too!!!



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