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Cayce B. Shelton

Cayce B. Shelton was born in Terrell, Texas, November 26, 1936. Raised in and around Waco, Texas, he was a 1955 graduate of La Vega High School, Bellmead, Texas. Father of five (three still living), grandfather of seven, and great grandfather of seven. He has been married for 44 years to Ann Shelton who still works and takes care of him. He explains that means he is in later stages of COPD, on oxygen 24/7, and isn't stable walking now. He is still able to sit at the computer for a couple hours at a time but needs to be able to recline as necessary.

    Military: Served in Texas National Guard and U.S. Army, 1952-1958.
    Retired from Vocation: Management and accountant for small to medium companies.
      (1) Artistic painting in oil, acrylic, and watercolor; many paintings in private collections in USA and abroad.
      (2) Short story writer for thirty years; many short stories published in Ezine and 3D form.
      (3) Life time would be inventor of things to benefit mankind.
      (1) Recognized by U.S. Government, Military Branch, for an improvement in radio equipment that saved thousands of dollars.
      (2) Recognized by a number of editors to have a unique style of writing.
      (3) Recognized as an outstanding leader in the YMCA Indian Guide/Princess program in Dallas, Texas
      (4) Recognized as a qualified leader and advocate of the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts programs in Texas.
      (1)To become the greatest short story writer of the 21st century
      (2)To gain world wide recognition as a good artist.
      (3)To bring at least one invention to fruition.

Other than that: To just be an old man who's doing the best he can.


Type Month Year Title
Poem June 2001 Have You Seen My Dog?
Story June 2001 The Mission
Story June 2001 Journey
Poem July 2001 Red Light District
Story July 2001 Lights Out at Bill's Place
Story July 2001 Ironing Time
Story August 2001 Gift of Wine
Story September 2001 Sister
Story September 2001 Gotta Take This Hill, Men
Story October 2001 The Cemetery
Story October 2001 The 18th Hole
Story November 2001 Target: Racoon
Story May 2002 The Sighting
Story May 2002 Mulberry Worms
Story June 2002 The Sighting - Part Two
Story July 2002 The Sighting - Part Three
Story August 2002 The Sighting - Part Four
Story September 2002 The Sighting - Part Five
Story October 2002 The Sighting - Part Six
Story February 2014 2014 Together Forever
Story March 2014 Ghost Town
Story April 2014 New School, First Day
Story May 2014 Encounter
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