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Lena Carroll

Mother of the editor/co-founder of Pencil Stubs Online. She is the oldest daughter of Carrie E. (Bullard) Joslin, sister of Linnie Jane Joslin Burks, and niece of Annie Joslin Payton and of Ethel Joslin Vernon. All of her daughters also have tried their hand at writing poetry: Mary E. Adair, Noralee E. Crowson, Jacquelyn E MacGibbon, and Melinda E. Cohenour.


Type Month Year Title
Article February 2001 What's in a Name?
Poem February 2001 Just Today
Poem May 2001 A Mother on Sunday
Article August 2001 Women For His Work
Poem August 2001 There's Lots Of Gold In Texas
Poem March 2002 Love is God's Gift
Poem March 2002 The Farmer and God
Poem January 2007 Where I Long to Live Always
Poem March 2007 Grandma Bullard
Poem March 2007 My Parents
Poem March 2007 What's Wrong???
Poem March 2007 Grandma Joslin
Poem August 2007 Report on Baby
Poem September 2017 Just A'Bragging!
Poem February 2020 Love is God's Gift
Poem December 2022 My Parents
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