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By Mary E. Adair

April-May 2004

When the reader scans the table of contents, a first impression might be that the page or the typesetter stuttered as there are double columns for LC Van Savage ("Consider This,") Leo C. Helmer ("Cookin' With Leo") and for Gerard Meister ("Thinking Out Loud.") However, there are simply April and May columns by those three authors. Other columns include "On The Other Hand," by Connie Anast, and "Irish Eyes" by Mattie Lennon. "Mike's Place" by Michael Craner is a touching tribute to the editor's sister. The family thanks you, Mike, for the wonderful words and wanting to place them here. A wealth of info can be found in the three articles as well: "Point of View" by Gerard Meister; "Problems of a Great Life" by a new contributing author bylined as simply Thomas; and the interesting discussion by Dr. Sam Vaknin in "Sex or Gender."

We welcome Keleigh Girnas, a new poet for our magazine, who lifts our thoughts with her submission "Flight From A Tree." Remember that you can click the authors' names and go to their bio's and the list of other compositions that Pencil Stubs Online has published by them. Each title in blue is clickable.

Poems by John I. Blair for this issue are: "A.M. Overture," "Camargo Oklahoma," "Common Courtesy," "Spring Is Ringing In Again," "Just-Now," "Ten Men In A Truck," and "Who Am I?" Clara Blair shares "Cat Dreamtime," "Sweet Season," and "On Cohabiting With A Cat As A Religious Experience."

Bruce Clifford submitted "Endangered Species," "Far Away," "What's The Point," and "You Don't Exist in my Life." His daughter, Brooke Clifford is also represented with "The Goodbye I'll Never Say" and "My Silent Tourniquette."

M Jay Mansfield shows stark contrast with his poems: "Machine," "Precision," "Why Yes I Am," "I Lie," and "Ride On." Sheila J. Keith pens the only Mothers Day type remembrances for moms with "My Mother My Shining Star!" and continues with "You are the reason I am here."

Ronald Kevin Dean Jr, returning author not heard from in awhile, draws us into his conversation about "Love After Dark." Michael Craner, our webmaster and co-founder, adds a free verse offering, "Ball of Twine."

Our one story this time will perhaps shock you, and if you have any strong language dislikes, don't pull up this tale of fiction. However, "On the Bus to Town" by Dr. Sam Vaknin is a totally current emersion into one of the war torn areas of our world.

Thanks go out to our faithful readers and authors for no complaints about the delay of the April publishing and combining it here with the May works. Some of you know that the editor's sister lost her valiant battle against cancer April 17, and it has been a sad and stress-filled month. Jacquelyn Earlene MacGibbon also wrote under the pseudonem of K'am Treshelle and you can read her bio at Picture and Bio of K'am Treshelle and if you like fantasy poetry, click on her poem "The Trek." You are sorely missed, Jacquie.

Readers are invited to send their compositions in for possible inclusion in a future issue. Comments can be added to most of the contents, or an email can be sent to invite someone else to come read something you like very well.

See you in June!  

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