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By Mary E. Adair

February 2009

It is hard to watch the news some days with so many tragedies being told, and it seems sometimes, told with great relish by the reporters. Perhaps there actually is more bad news going on than there used to be happening... after all, our population expands exponentially each year so there are more people to experience bad things.

Thinking on such news, perhaps it would help you to have this product recall url Peanut Butter Products, etc.

But, remember there are also more good things happening proportionately. Loved ones and friends bless us with their messages and sometimes their presence though we seem to be increasingly a nation where emails have replaced visits and even phone calls. Personally, your editor deplores the texting correspondence. So many do not spell properly already and the texting is a shortened version of words, both nouns and verbs so undoubtedly the day is looming before us when no one will be able to communicate except in initials. WDYTAT.... What Do You Think About That.. lol

May each of you remember to contact your loved ones either in person or possibly by phone.... at least, send that email and share your wishes for a happy Valentine's Day with each other. This writer is thankful for all her loved ones and every opportunity to be near them.

Although none of our authors directly addressed the February 14th remembrance, they did come up with some intense work, and John I. Blair's "Just Around The Corner" is romantic. Blair also shares these others: "Blake," "PC Healthcare," "Scylla And Charybdis In Texas," "The Squirrel Is The Forest," and "Uncomfortably Numb." None of his work is transparent and carries deeper meanings even when the subject is light-hearted or scary.

Bruce Clifford's poetry for February is "Because You Left" and "Brought Back to a Time." Since Clifford has been facing some changing circumstances of his own and is busily engrossing himself in a new job position, we are grateful he found time to send us these verses. He can always make you think things over with his words.

MJMansfield serves up two very different poems with "WanSum" and "The World Burns." Both will chime with most readers who are parents, and all seem to be wary of the future.

LC Van Savage, whose column is "Consider This," discusses some viewpoints on the possibility of a 'topless' restaurant in her area. No, that doesn't mean an open-air establishment, not at all.

"Eric Shackle's Column" by Eric Shackle, of course, sounds a bit risque, especially after LC's 'topless restaurant' column, as its title is "Tough Times in the Floating Brothel." It does, however, as Lennon's column does, laud certain historical events and how the info is now becoming available to the public.

Mattie Lennon's excitement about a new DVD release is understandable as he constantly is trying to preserve, protect, and illuminate all sort of historic revelations about his beloved Ireland. "Irish Eyes" is loaded with pic this issue and one displays itself as a small pic but has a link to a larger version of same. If it still isn't readable to you, try clicking directly on the pic after the larger one comes up. Still can't read it? Try increasing the view on your pc. Most will respond to size adjustments when you hold down the control key then touch the + or - keys.

Leo C. Helmer's column "Cookin' With Leo" tantalizes with a new idea for a salad while his Historical Western Swing article features the prolific song writer, Cindy Walker. Gerard Meister ("Thinking Out Loud") expands on one of his recollections, and ties those memories to America's progress as we speak.

Thomas O'Neill, (Introspective) brings some poll results to, not politics, but in religion and spirituality. Intriguing column whether you agree with the leading percentages or not.

"Mail Bag" is our column that allows us to share some of the most interesting and/or touching emails recently received by our staff. Always worth your time to browse through it.

Perhaps you have a poem or a favorite story you've written that would enhance our pages. If so, please do submit for consideration. As always, we do not pay nor do we charge to publish.

While most of you may consider this a political statement, it is not meant to be. Our new president Barack H. Obama has a web site that details what subjects are up for discussion, progress and/or delays on same, and gives citizens a chance to add their own ideas and suggestions. This seems a most interesting way to add transparency to the business of the current administration and one hopes it will stay updated and people will make use of it to bring forth problems. Hidden problems cannot be solved, right?

A certain personality always comes out of hiding on February 2d, ta famous Groundhog, so his shadow can do some highly regarded weather predictions. A few years ago, one of our poets, Mona Wanlass, tendered this poem commemorating and commiserating with him, Punxsutawney Phil

See you next month!

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