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By Mary E. Adair


Blessings to all our readers, followers, and contributors this month! We have come to realize that this little ezine is dear to the hearts of many around the world, and for that we are a bit surprised, grateful - particularly to our webmaster Mike Craner, and are unconditionally happy. Over the years we have carried poetry, articles, columns, stories, essays, mail-box findings--a varied bundling of ideas, guidelines, jokes, art work of different media, and are considering making audio a part of our efforts here. We have met the most delightful people while publishing Pencil Stubs Online since the initial February 1998 issue.

Speaking of such people, some of you have written to inquire about the gentle person who has a pet blind squirrel: some in disbelief, some in amazement, some with similar tales. As far as those tales go, we need to know it is your own, or if you have permission to use it before we can include it in our magazine here online. We are happy to display your adventures with animals, but alas, we are no longer roving reporter-journalists, so you have to send them to us. As for Michael Eversole, here is a recent email from him with an interesting link:

Link: Roebling Bridge <--- i climbed this bridge 2 times..late 50,s, me an my covington gang , we were still are...
we did it at night , from the cincinnati-side, covington-side was next to the police station...
an no ...we never got caught , we climbed to the very top,it was very windy up there...
the bridge is still in use to this day, our gang still meets for reunions every-year,
blessings, mike ^I^

John Blair, our most faithful poet, sent his work and writes, "Here are 6 from 2004, a prolific year for me. I was still writing 4-5 poems a week in those days. Hope you like them and can use them. Two of them can have illustrations included if you like: "In A Persian Garden," and "Coronado Heights.""

Yes, John, the illustrations are included along with your other poems "Rock On," "Car Coat," the reflective "Genuine Unbreakable Ace Hard Rubber Comb" and the seasonal "Hummer Late September."

Bruce Clifford is once more flexing his poetic prowess with these poems: "Nothing is a Void," "One Hit Wonder," "Too Many," "Hurry Up," "Talking," and "We Thought It Would Last." There's one poem, credited to that most notorious of authors, Anonymous, which will chime with a lot of you "Class Reunion." But the only remotely seasonal Halloween poem is by yours truly, "Who's Scaring Whom?"

Columnists this issue are:

    Peg Jones gently discusses her almost reluctant relationship with angels in her column "Angel Whispers."
    LC Van Savage sorts her "Listings" in "Consider This" which reminds your editor of her own poem "Little Ole Listmaker, Me" from 2001.
    Leo C. Helmer takes a Fall Sabatical, so we are re-publishing his very first cooking column with Pencilstubs this month, "Cookin' With Leo"
    Eric Shackle, who started "GrayPow" helps us keep up with senior headline setters in "Eric Shackle's Column"
    Mattie Lennon from Ireland, retires the Phone Box in "Irish Eyes"
    Thomas F. O'Neill says " Ni Hao (Hello) From Suzhou in China" to begin his column, Introspective."
    Gerard Meister continues with his "Thinking Out Loud" thoughts that so often echo what many others are thinking.

We bring a new author to our pages, Anne Mitts, whose children's tale, "The Candle," is a treat for young and old. Please be ready to share this one with your family and friends. Your children will be delighted with the story and the illustrations, also done by Mitts. Look below the poetry section for the Stories, check her bio too.

The article "Forks!!" by LC Van Savage actually is quite educational while LC entertains in her inimitable style. Don't skip it or this one that Leo C. Helmer adds as his update on "The Light Crust Dough Boys," who are keeping the Americana style of Country music alive and well.

See you in November!

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