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By Mary E. Adair


Reaching the end of the year, but not the end of the seasonal holidays, makes one wonder if they should relax, or take a deep breath and start racing to get everything done. Relaxing is what we did over the Thanksgiving holiday, and it was wonderful! So wonderful, however, we nearly couldn't get going again on December's presentation.

But, here we are, as Grandma used to say, "A day late and a dollar short!" Though we may be a couple of days short getting online, we are certainly not short with valuable content. We are bringing thoughts that will stay with you, reminising that may astound, and various views of love and family, including a few special pics from our columnist Amanda, who is still on hiatus. We carry one on this page, and two more can be found in the Special Column.

Mike delivered a column (Mike's Place)as promised and it is well worth your time to read. Experience always tells, and he gives us some firsthand hints to help our soldiers who are afield this season. Leo C. Helmer calls on his expertise already presented this year to round out your choices for Holiday goodies in Cookin' With Leo. Ever wonder about dreams? Dr. Sam Vaknin lets us in on some pertinent facts about them in Taming The Beast. Cassandra fails to bring order to our calendar, but regales us with a lot of info we may not have known, and her merry spirit shines through her words in Cassandra's World. Gerard Meister (Thinking Out Loud) lets us in on his own war efforts, and amid chuckles, we wish him well. LC Van Savage treats us with her research on sundries in Consider This and goes on to add an article reflecting on the Thanksgiving just past in "Thanks for Much." Another columnist (Provocations)who doubles with an article this issue is pbobby aka Robert R. Beaty who dedicates "My Big Brother, Jack" to his bud's memory.

Along with "In The Garden" by your editor, another dedication to one gone is to the editor's own sister Noralee, with fond memories of Christmas together in "Make Mary Merry." Other poets this month are: LSeeker who bobs to the top with optimism in "Or, Just Beginning?" For balance, we add Bruce Clifford with "I Get So Tired;" plus M. Jay Mansfield with "Pass Me By," and "I Ain't;" then, Shell Heller with "Jealous Heart."

Chrystal Howard has been with us before, but her work also disappeared along with the site crash in the Fall of 1999. We are happy to see she is still writing and present her poem "If You Listen" for your pleasure. Another new author (to our pages, but not to writing as her bio attests) is Rochelle Hope Mehr with her stark portrayal of "Below Ground Zero." The remaining poetic offering is included to tease a smile from our readers, the anonymous "Xmas Spectre."

Taking a tip from Leo, here is a quick link to your editor's annual Christmas poem, possibly the favorite poem of those she has written over the years - Tiny Miracle.

We leave the year hoping to hear all your good resolutions for the coming twelve months. Please send them thru the submit form on our magazine. If you do a survey among your friends, and list a lot of their resolutions along with your own, we will put it up as an article. If you send your own promises in rhyme they will be carried under the Poetry section. The single, non-poetic, submitted ideas will be grouped into an article, so start making and recording those resolutions!!

See you next year!

Here Amanda and spouse flee from the ceremony amid flowerpetals. More pics of wedding, and news of Amanda, in Special Column.


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