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Few ever ask about my internet handle which I have adopted as my pen name.. The bobby comes from my name as a child. My name evolved to Bob by the time I entered Junior High School, to Robert in early adulthood, then to Robert R. Beaty when I entered the Ministry at age 18. All my adult life since then I have used Robert R. Beaty in public places and in business. To close friends, I remain Bob; except to my twelve "GrandOnes" and two "GreatGrandOnes," I am GranBob.

While the "bobby" alludes to being childlike, the "p" signifies prophet. Thus I consider myself, whether anyone else does or not, to be a prophet with childlike questioning and openness. The use of the lower case in pbobby signifies a prophetic nature without being grandiose in any way.

A prophet speaks what he/she feels led spiritually to speak to others about the human condition in search of truth, knowing full well that it is only his or her Truth. Many think of prophets as divinely inspired predictors of future events. Maybe the consequences of particular beliefs and acts do occasionally lead me to predict logical future results with words that sound authoritative. I do not claim to have any special visions of the future. I must admit that portions of my writing emanate from personal anger at what seems unfair and deliberately rigid.

I write almost totally of things I believe to be spiritual and autobiographical in nature, because I strongly believe that Life is a Spiritual Journey taken by our spirits within the confines of our bodies most of the time until the demise of our bodies. .

Just a note as to how I was bent in this direction: My Father was a Baptist Minister for the last fifty-three years of his life, and I followed him, without questioning into the Ministry. I spent only nine years as a pastor because too many of my life experiences conflicted with what I was supposed to believe sincerely. The theological convulsion occurred with much fear and trembling. The journey since then has been a struggle with "what is?" without a neat package of answers upon which to depend for guidance. Thus the questions continue to ebb and flow, keeping a dialogue with God alive with intermittent travels just East of Eden. Some answers come with a serendipitous experience, only to cry out with more questions that need "heart-to-heart's" with the Ground of My Being.

Therefore, pbobby has written of and continues to discuss various popular myths and spins autobiographical short stories. The purpose of these writings is to achieve personal growth and to stimulate others to take another look at what they take for granted. (Most people I know who are told that all or part of their religious beliefs are mythological, react with something between minor irritation and extreme rage.) Reading these discussions will not always feel good, but try to stay in there to the limit of your emotional and spiritual strength. Be fearless and courageous, for myth casts a powerful spell on us. Stop then, reflect and meditate upon what you have read. Later come back for a second look if you so choose.

Simply, pbobby does not want to change your beliefs; he wants you to find a way to personally own them. So, the ministry continues.


Type Month Year Title
Story November 1999 When our Truth Falls to Pieces
Story November 1999 A Glory
Poem December 1999 Life's Conundrum
Column March 2000 Provocations
Column April 2000 Provocations
Column May 2000 Provocations
Column June 2000 Provocations
Column July 2000 Provocations
Column September 2000 Provocations
Column October 2000 Provocations
Column November 2000 Provocations
Column December 2000 Provocations
Column November 2001 Provocations
Column December 2001 Provocations
Column January 2002 Provocations
Column February 2002 Provocations
Column March 2002 Provocations
Poem March 2002 Life's Rhapsody
Column May 2002 Provocations
Column June 2002 Provocations
Column July 2002 Provocations
Column August 2002 Provocations
Column September 2002 Provocations
Column November 2002 Provocations
Column December 2002 Provocations
Column January 2003 Provocations
Column February 2003 Provocations
Column March 2003 Provocations
Column April 2003 Provocations
Poem November 2006 Life's Conundrum
Poem June 2014 The Leaves
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