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Mrs King

Mrs. King (of anything)" a periodical individual with more issues than most magazines."

I started writing poetry in third grade as assignments in class and realized it was a great outlet for my rambling mind. Just about anything I could compose would be understood on some level. In the least as an artistic expression thus providing me a sense of validation for my thoughts and feelings, even if nobody would ever comprehend the deepest meanings I had conveyed.

I plan to author a book of true accounts titled "Just in Kason: The upside of down" to share with the world the beauty of differently able individuals and our equal portions provided to each on this earth. My oldest son, Kason, has downs syndrome and I have been given much.


Type Month Year Title
Poem December 1999 I Love
Article March 2000 To Find the Meaning
Poem April 2000 I Take It Back
Article May 2000 Sunny Side Up
Poem May 2000 To Mother
Story April 2001 Sincerely
Poem November 2001 I Knew You When
Poem November 2001 Meesah Love You
Poem June 2015 Sovereignty
Poem June 2015 Catastrophe That
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