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Clara Blair

I'm a native New Yorker, a born-again Kansan and a naturalized Texan. I was born in Brooklyn, where I earned my B.A. in English from Long Island University. I then attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence. There I met John Blair, and we were married in 1967. I have been a resident of Arlington, Texas, since 1971. Health problems forced me to retire in 2001 from a long career in copyediting and proofreading, and I have finally learned some things about living with disability. Besides reading and writing poetry, my interests include cats, birdwatching, gems and minerals, jewelry making, counted cross-stitch, all sorts of music, gardening and the sea.


Type Month Year Title
Poem July 2002 Golden Cat
Poem July 2002 Porpoise
Poem September 2002 Wrecked Armada, in Purple
Poem September 2002 Reading the Newspaper With St. Francis
Poem September 2002 Friends in Mourning
Poem October 2002 Bitch on Wheels
Poem October 2002 Green Fire
Poem October 2002 Losing Her Slowly
Poem October 2002 Love Found Me
Poem November 2002 Comfort in the Cold
Poem December 2002 Autumn Gold
Poem December 2002 Fried Oysters
Poem December 2002 Ebb Tide
Poem December 2002 False Blossom
Poem January 2003 Confronting My Inner Bigot
Poem January 2003 Charybdis
Poem January 2003 December Afternoon
Poem January 2003 Death In Another World
Poem February 2003 Age of Consent Ė Age of Reason
Poem February 2003 The Garden in Winter
Poem February 2003 The Art of Love
Poem March 2003 Rocket Science
Poem March 2003 I Knew You
Poem March 2003 In the Grove
Poem March 2003 Life Audit
Poem March 2003 Reunion
Poem April 2003 Shock and Awe
Poem April 2003 High School Sweethearts
Poem April 2003 Godís Rat
Poem April 2003 Pieta
Poem April 2003 Goldfinches
Poem May 2003 Job's Daughter, on Horseback
Poem May 2003 Motherlight
Poem May 2003 Kismet
Poem June 2003 Aunt Lela
Poem June 2003 Telephone
Poem June 2003 Rollercoaster (for Grandpa)
Poem July 2003 Starlight -- Notes on the Particle Physics of Life
Poem July 2003 Water
Poem July 2003 Silent Song (for John)
Poem August 2003 Scarlet Song
Poem August 2003 Wasps Redux (A Karmic Lament)
Poem August 2003 Night of the Rat
Poem August 2003 Crazy Free
Poem September 2003 The Big Bay Window
Poem October 2003 Dancing On The Titanic
Poem October 2003 Going Back to the Sea
Poem October 2003 Communion
Poem October 2003 Reddish Egret, Dancing
Poem October 2003 Gecko Strut
Poem November 2003 Godís Fool (For Rev. Kit Howell, 1951-1996)
Poem November 2003 Legacy
Poem November 2003 White Pelicans
Poem December 2003 Kingfisher
Poem December 2003 Table Dance
Poem December 2003 For My Old Boss, at Menopause
Story December 2003 Christmas Present
Poem January 2004 Dream Visit
Poem January 2004 I lied about your age today
Poem January 2004 In the Nest, Late Morning
Poem March 2004 New Pleiades, February 1, 2003
Poem March 2004 Life by the Half Hour
Poem March 2004 The Gift of a Bird
Poem March 2004 Rafah, Gaza Strip
Poem March 2004 Lacy Valentine
Poem April-May 2004 Cat Dreamtime
Poem April-May 2004 Sweet Season
Poem April-May 2004 On Cohabiting With A Cat As A Religious Experience
Poem August 2004 Lakelight
Poem August 2004 Lately my heart pours out
Poem September 2004 Summer Song
Poem December 2004 Be Still
Poem December 2004 Confessor
Poem December 2004 Living From Laugh to Laugh
Poem December 2004 Reading the Newspaper With St. Jude
Poem July 2005 Golden Raintree
Poem March 2006 Mantra Ray
Poem January 2007 Old Wave Rider
Poem January 2007 Snow Globe in Black
Story December 2015 Emeralds for Emma - Chapters 1 and 2
Story January 2016 2015 Emeralds for Emma - Chapters 3 and 4
Story February 2016 2016 Emeralds for Emma - Chapters 5 and 6
Story March 2016 Emeralds for Emma - Chapters 7 and 8
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