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Brooke Clifford

I am a girl, and full of surprises! For one thing, besides being a poet (As many know) I've recently started a new story. ^_^ Well, that aside, I am a vegetarian. I have many friends at my school who are like me, and I am happy with it. I also plan to be a veterinarian, because I love animals. (or an artist at this point. Not really sure...) Music is my 'thing' as my friends say, which is true. I am a "punk rocker", and very proud of it! My music, well, is self-explanitory. I DON'T LIKE bubblegum pop, rap, r&b, or country. I DO LIKE alternative, punk rock (Duh), heavy metal, classic rock, and so forth, oh, and Jazz too. Did I mention family yet? My family is VERY important to me. Wait a minute...You know my father! Bruce Clifford. (Yep yep!) Notice the same last name? (Now you are supposed to smile and a bobble-head) He was the one who 'inspired' me to write, so my credit goes to him. And without my father, life would be...VERY different. And boring. (YAY FOR DADDY! >.0)So, I leave you, ___(Fill in name), to go and explore the world, and be happy that you probably wasted your time reading this for a lot of probably nothing-ness! XD ~* NEW *~ Working on a new story. "Furuba" (Fruits Basket fan fic. ^^ It's my new obsession) As soon as I get a few "chapters" done, it'll be here! ^^ And things take a Japanese-style of name-calling and so forth, but it'll be explained. ^^ Also have a LOST fanfic, a Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch fanfic, Tokyo Mew Mew fanfic, and a Chobits fanfic. Yes, I love fanfics. ^^; maybe I'll post them here... If I feel like it. workin' on HTML stuff. Maybe I'll write an article for help with that stuff. But I'm too lazy right now. Email me for links- I have at least 100 on various subjects!!!


Type Month Year Title
Poem August 2003 Gone
Poem October 2003 Escape
Poem November 2003 It's Just A Game
Poem November 2003 Running
Poem December 2003 The True Essence of the Color Green
Poem December 2003 I Am
Poem April-May 2004 My Silent Tourniquette
Poem April-May 2004 The Goodbye I'll Never Say
Poem February 2005 Dear Mr. President Bush
Poem February 2005 I'm Me
Story February 2005 Teen Titans- My Own Story - Part 1
Story March 2005 TeenTitans - My Own Story - Part 2
Story April 2005 Teen Titans - My Own Story - Part 3
Poem May 2005 My Home, My Calling
Story May 2005 Teen Titans- My Own Story (part 4)
Story June 2005 Teen Titans - My Own Story-part 5
Story July 2005 Teen Titans- My Own Story -part 6
Story August 2005 Teen Titans- My Own Story -part 7
Story September 2005 Teen Titans- My Own Story -part 8
Story October 2005 Teen Titans - My Own Story -part 9
Poem April 2006 I Am- Version 2.0
Poem April 2006 Description of Audio (Symphony of the Rainforest)
Story Sept & Oct 2006 Story of a Girl - Part 1
Story Sept & Oct 2006 Fan Fic - Part 1
Story November 2006 Story of a Girl - Part 2
Story January 2011 2010 Dollís Hands
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