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M. Jay Mansfield

I have always been the warrior ...the boy... the man..... The FireEagle..the WaterDragon... and my voice works in verse ..but not in speech... so when I could not sing...I wrote....

I am from the old south in North Carolina.
Raised on heritage and love.
I have been married to the most understanding angel for 7 years. (she has put up with me for 12)

With all of this available I cannot put a true biography down. I would use up all of Pencilstubs resources. LOL. (you see the e-mail addy use it... I don't bite....much)


Type Month Year Title
Poem April 2000 Suthern Rain
Poem June 2000 Good Morning Sun
Poem June 2000 Somehow
Poem July 2000 Love: the Word
Poem September 2000 Junkie
Poem October 2000 I Met A Satanist
Poem November 2000 Born to Fly
Poem April 2001 Weathered
Poem April 2001 She Never
Poem April 2001 Subway
Poem July 2001 Mortimers Rules
Poem September 2001 ~CT~
Poem September 2001 Wings - Part I
Poem September 2001 Wings - Part II
Poem December 2001 I Ain't
Poem December 2001 Pass Me By
Poem January 2002 The Painter's Love
Poem April 2002 Totally Uninspired
Poem April 2002 No More Dreams
Poem April 2002 One More Time
Poem April 2002 The Whisperer's Yell
Poem April 2002 Wave
Poem May 2002 Devil's Isle
Poem May 2002 Never Sleep
Poem May 2002 Poison Lament
Poem June 2002 DeadMen
Poem June 2002 Blade
Poem June 2002 See-Saw
Poem June 2002 Grind...
Poem July 2002 Dead
Poem July 2002 Fusion
Poem July 2002 Will and Testament
Poem July 2002 Dr. Luv
Poem August 2002 Brilliantly Dull
Poem August 2002 So Into Me
Poem August 2002 Deep End
Poem September 2002 Conception
Poem October 2002 Beginning
Poem October 2002 Red Cherry Wine
Poem October 2002 Keeping It Real
Poem October 2002 The Shun
Poem November 2002 Electronic Salve
Poem December 2002 City Hawk
Poem February 2003 Bath
Poem February 2003 Elephant Recall
Poem March 2003 Dust
Poem March 2003 Fire - Part III
Poem May 2003 I Cling To The Mist
Poem May 2003 Math
Poem June 2003 Darkstar
Poem July 2003 Thread Bare
Poem August 2003 Love and Lust
Poem August 2003 Damaged Goods
Poem September 2003 From Conception
Poem September 2003 Stitchwork
Poem September 2003 Depressed
Poem October 2003 Tomorrow's Wait
Poem November 2003 Dreamworld
Poem December 2003 Sweet Sin
Poem December 2003 ~~~snowflakes_rainbows_butterflies_puppies~~~
Poem December 2003 Someday
Poem February 2004 Help
Poem February 2004 My Boy
Poem February 2004 Vibration
Poem April-May 2004 Why Yes I Am
Poem April-May 2004 Machine
Poem April-May 2004 Ride On
Poem April-May 2004 Precision
Poem April-May 2004 I Lie
Poem October 2004 The Rant of The Semi-Wise
Poem October 2004 Manic Oppressive
Poem October 2004 Fortress of Solitude
Poem October 2004 I Can't Believe!
Poem October 2004 Epic
Poem January 2005 Hair today, Gone insane Tomorrow
Poem February 2005 Empty
Poem March 2005 Here I Stand
Poem May 2005 Slow Boil
Poem May 2005 Jasmine
Poem January 2006 Soft Caress
Poem February 2006 Deafened
Poem April 2006 Entombed
Poem April 2006 Sign
Poem May 2006 Feeding Time
Poem May 2006 Original
Poem July 2006 Neutral
Poem July 2006 Don't Speak
Poem July 2006 Dog
Poem July 2006 Random Order
Poem July 2006 Sapient Superior
Poem July 2006 Exercise in Mixed Dementia
Poem Sept & Oct 2006 Tender
Poem February 2007 Because of you…(I am)
Poem February 2007 Iron Jaw
Poem June 2007 Miss Greywings
Poem June 2007 Slit
Poem June 2007 Hell or High Water
Poem July 2007 Leaving Me
Poem July 2007 Meat
Poem August 2007 Thank You
Poem September 2007 Open
Poem September 2007 Whoever?
Poem April 2008 Spire of Dreamers
Poem May 2008 Walk With You
Poem June 2008 Daddy
Poem January 2009 2008 Pain~
Poem February 2009 The World Burns
Poem February 2009 WanSum
Poem June-July 2009 Rockets Red Glare
Poem June-July 2009 Super Bowl
Poem July 2010 The Machine
Poem July 2010 ~Thunder Walks~
Poem July 2010 ~~Back~~
Poem July 2010 ~SELF Righteous~
Poem August 2010 ~Rhymes for Rhymes Sake~
Poem November 2010 ~~~Spider~~~
Poem November 2010 ~I Was Thinking~
Poem June 2011 Can't You See
Poem June 2011 Worship (it's the way I am)
Poem June 2011 Venom
Poem June 2011 5 a.m.
Poem June 2011 There Is
Poem July-August 2011 Feeling
Poem July-August 2011 A New Dog Day
Poem July-August 2011 Love Comes Easy
Poem July-August 2011 Finally
Poem July-August 2011 ~Cold~
Poem July-August 2011 Creepy Old Man
Poem July-August 2011 FireEagle
Poem September 2011 Wonder
Poem September 2011 Amazed
Poem September 2011 System Fail
Poem September 2011 Biggest Sin
Poem September 2011 Enough
Poem September 2011 Dawn Of
Poem September 2011 Beaten Man
Poem October 2011 Outcast
Poem October 2011 Tourniquet
Poem October 2011 Drowning Inside
Poem October 2011 It Bubbles Up
Poem October 2011 I Will Stand
Poem October 2011 Wrapped in Darkness
Poem November 2011 Too Strong
Poem November 2011 Whispers
Poem November 2011 I Do Not
Poem November 2011 Just Laying Down
Poem November 2011 Spider Revisited
Poem December 2011 If I don't Make it
Poem December 2011 Things Change
Poem December 2011 On The Outside
Poem December 2011 Thank You My Friends
Poem December 2011 Cloudy
Poem January 2012 2011 Half Past Dead
Article February 2012 Bending Point
Poem March 2013 2013 Beast
Poem March 2013 2013 Darkness
Poem August 2014 Triumphant ~6-18-2014~
Poem October 2015 Sob
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